III. Arguments and Rationale
    I will now attempt to substantiate the above mentioned premise. First, an attempt will be made to identify the Disbelievers (Kuffar). Next the basis and source of their punishment will be delineated. This will be followed by details of the preaching mission of the Rusul4 (plural of Rasul: Messengers) of God who became the agents of this punishment so that the readers can view the whole act of retribution in its overall perspective. Finally, the major directives which relate to the Kuffar (Disbelievers) and which have been erroneously extended to all non-Muslims shall be elaborated upon.

a. Identifying the Disbelievers
b. Punishing the Disbelievers
c. The Preaching Mission of the Messengers
d. Misplaced Directives


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4. Here the word Rusul (Messengers) implies a special cadre among the Anbiya (Prophets).