Mustansir Mir

Qur'anic Exegesis

Apr 92

Is the Qur’an a Shapeless Book?

Nov 99+

Contrapuntal Harmony in the Thought, Mood and Structure of Surah Fatihah

Dec 99+

Surah Laqman: Synopsis and Translation

Jan 2000

Study of the Qur'an


Apr 95

Some Logical Fallacies dealth with in the Qur'an

Aug 99

Is the Qur'an a Shapeless Book?

Jan 2000

Study of the Qur’an

May 2000

The Qur’an as Literature

Jul 2000

The Qur’an Oaths : Farahi’s Interpretation


Mar-Apr 98

A New Breed of Intellectuals