In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

March 2002
Vol. 12  No. 3

Whither International Relations? Shehzad Saleem

Special Article
Islam and Non-Muslims: A New Perspective Shehzad Saleem
I Introduction

II The Premise

III Arguments and Rationale

a. Identifying the Disbelievers
b. Punishing the Disbelievers
c. The Preaching Mission of the Messengers
       1. General Features
               i. Objective of the Messengers 
               ii. Phases of Mission 
                        a. The Propagation Phase 
                        b. The Acquittal Phase 
                              c. The Judgement Phase
2. The Era of Muhammad (sws)
        i. The Propagation Phase 
        ii. The Acquittal Phase 
        iii. The Judgement Phase 
                a. The Reward 
                b. The Punishment 
                        1. For the Idolaters 
                        2. For the People of the Book
                        3. For the Hypocrites 
d. Misplaced Directives
        1. The Punishment of Apostasy 
        2. Waging War against Non-Muslims 
        3. The Dhimmi Status of Non-Muslims 
        4. Prohibition of Friendship with Non-Muslims 
        5. The Superiority of Muslim Blood 
        6. Greeting Non-Muslims in an Inferior Way 
        7. Non-Muslims to be necessarily Doomed in the Hereafter 
        8. Assassination of Non-Muslims 
        9. Cursing Non-Muslims 
        10. Prohibition of asking for Forgiveness for Non-Muslims 
        11. Reward of Killing Non-Muslims 
        IV Behavior of Muslim Minorities: Some Misconceptions
a. Muslims are the Best Community 
b. The Struggle for Islamic Supremacy 
c. Islam and Democracy 
d. Jihad 
        1. The Authority to wage Jihad 
        2. The Sole Grounds for Jihad 
        V Conclusion: A New Basis for Relations with Non-Muslims

        A. The Preaching Mission of Noah (sws)
        B. Fate of some Nations who denied their Messengers 
        C. Treatment of Non-Muslim Minorities